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Guildford and Waverley CCG cannot be successful without involving and hearing from our patients and the public. Our decisions about how health care services are provided for our local population are significantly enhanced when this happens and we work to achieve this in a variety of ways e.g. carrying out focus groups with patient panels, organising regular meetings with stakeholders, ensuring patient stories are presented to the governing body and carrying out surveys to name a few.

We welcome feedback about your particular experiences of local NHS services, good or bad. Details of how to feedback can be found on this contact tab.



Opportunities in Guildford and Waverley

Opportunities in Surrey



Opportunities in Guildford and Waverley



Open - Future PPE Forums

There are no forums planned at present.



Closed - Have your say on new translation and interpretation services at your GP practice (February to March 2019)


31 May 2019

Engagement Report: Interpretation and Translation Services in Primary Care

Engagement Report: Interpretation and Translation Services in Primary Care (large print version)

Please contact us if you would like this report translated into another language or alternative format such as large print, Braille or audio.


Language and communication barriers in healthcare settings can lead to problems such as delay or denial of care, issues with medication management and people not accessing services that help to keep them happy and healthy. The Surrey Heartlands Clinical Commissioning Groups (Guildford & Waverley, North West Surrey and Surrey Downs CCGs) wish to improve interpreting (spoken word or British Sign Language (BSL) and translation (written word and braille) services available during and in support of GP appointments.

A new contract for GP practices will shortly be procured. The service will offer patients the opportunity to receive support to communicate with their GP during their appointment. This could include providing information in different languages, having an interpreter during the appointment or making sure people can access information in different formats such as braille. The service will also include translation of important patient records which your GP needs to understand.

We asked comments from from people who work with patients and their families who may need help to communicate with their GP during their appointment.

We hosted a number of focus groups and interviews on Tuesday 5 February, at HG Wells Centre in Woking and we now want to hear your thoughts on what a good interpreting and translation service could look like for you when attending your GP practice.



Closed - Emotional Wellbeing Mental Health Services for Children and Young People in Surrey: Designing the Right Care Together (January 2019)


22 Feb 2019

Engagement report: Designing the right care together - Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Services for Children and Young People

Find out more via our dedicated webpages:



Closed - Public Consultation: West Surrey Stroke Services (2017)

Reports and outcomes



Closed - Public Engagement: Children's Community Health Services (2016)

Final Engagement Report - Children's Community Health Services [pdf, 300kb]

Engagement Summary - Children's Community Health Services [pdf, 300kb]



Closed - Public Engagement: Forward View and Annual General Meeting (September 2016)

  1. Download Annual General Meeting 2016 presentation slides [pdf 1Mb]
  2. Download the Forward View 2016 presentation slides [pdf 300kb]



Closed - Public Engagement: PPE Forum, Joint Dementia Strategy (July 2016)

At this free public forum, attendees were able to:

  • hear from Dr Hannah Marshall, a local GP, about the position of the CCG and Surrey County Council on Dementia
  • contribute to the development of the Joint Dementia Strategy
  • hear first-hand experience of the effects of Dementia from a personal point of view from Annette Sterr, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology
  • tell us their views about what works well and what needs to improve in Guildford and Waverley.

Read our press release about the event here: Shaping the future for dementia care and support [pdf, 200kb]

PPE Forum Feedback Report - Development of the Joint Dementia Strategy [pdf, 200kb]



Closed - Public Engagement: Dermatology services in Guildford and Waverley (February 2016)

Skin disease in the UK is the second most common disease in adults and the most prevalent condition in children. The CCG undertook a programme of work to look at how the provision of dermatology services to the Guildford and Waverley CCG patient and carer population could be improved.

Read our press release about the new Dermatology Service in Guildford and Waverley: Maximising opportunity within Dermatology provision in Guildford and Waverley [pdf]

Dermatology Services Engagement Summary [pdf]



Closed - Public Engagement: Where should our Safe Haven be located in the Guildford and Waverley area (November and December 2015)

People have told us that better out of hours support would really help to prevent and manage a mental health crisis. This has led to the development of ‘Safe Havens’ across Surrey, starting in Aldershot. Their experience so far is that people undergoing a mental health crisis are less likely to go to A&E as they can find the expert support they need in a friendly, accessible place at the time they need it: the Safe Haven.

Following an extensive period of patient and carer engagement, NHS Guildford & Waverley Clinical Commissioning Group are now asking people in Guildford and Waverley, especially and most importantly service users and carers, where they would prefer a Safe Haven to be located.

We are aiming to have the Safe Haven up and running by the beginning of March 2016, ready to support and advise people when they feel most vulnerable.

Find out more in the Safe Haven Options Paper [pdf].

The vote for the Safe Haven closed on 4 December. We had a great response by email, post, via the website and in person. Thank you to everyone that took the time to have their say.

Of the 189 people that voted, 75% (142 people) voted for the Safe Haven to be located in Guildford alongside a Safe Haven Link Worker covering Guildford and Waverley. Further details on the outcome of the vote and, most importantly, the important next steps to get the Safe Haven up and running by the end of March 2016 can be found in the Safe Haven Outcome and Next Steps report [pdf].



Closed - Public Engagement: What should Guildford and Waverley CCG focus on next year and beyond? (October 2015)

The CCG held a PPE Forum on the 22 October to ask ‘What should the CCG focus on next year and beyond?’. A big thank you to the 33 delegates who participated in workshops covering urgent care, scheduled or planned care, mental health and integrated care. The diverse range of delegates contributed a range of ideas and points of view to the discussion. This participation is essential if the CCG is to meet the health needs of the varied population that we all work so hard for.

The majority of delegates said that the venue was a good choice and at our PPE meeting on 3 November, the Healthwatch Surrey representative heard the PPE members say that the event was an excellent afternoon. Whilst it is lovely to get such positive feedback, there are always improvements to be made. The CCG want to build on this event and forward plan three PPE Forums for April, July and October 2016 (dates to be confirmed).

The CCG is committed to involving patients and carers and ensuring that views expressed at our events are duly considered and incorporated into future models of care. A report of the forum will be available shortly, to explain how these views have been taken forward.

Download the event flyer [pdf]



Opportunities in Surrey


Visit to find out about other current and future public consultations in Surrey. You can also find information on closed consultations.

Healthwatch Surrey routinely seeks views from patients and the public regarding a wide range of issues. They carry out targeted surveys regarding particular issues as well as welcoming particular insights and stories. You can share your experiences via the Healthwatch Surrey website. Live consultations are also available to view.

You can share your experience in a number of ways:

  • Complete the Speak Out feedback form online on the Healthwatch Surrey website
  • Call on 0303 303 0023
  • Pick up a feedback form (entitled Problem, Praise or Suggestion) in your local library, Citizens Advice office, GP or local information Hub, complete it and send it back to them with the postage paid. You can also order these leaflets from
  • Visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Text relay: 18001 0303 3030023
  • SMS: 07592 787533

You can find reports of the work carried out by Healthwatch Surrey on their website.


Open - A new Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Surrey (March 2019)

A new draft Health and Wellbeing Strategy has been developed for Surrey. It is the product of unprecedented collaboration between the NHS, Surrey County Council and wider partners, including the voluntary and community sector and the police, and we would like to test it with you. To access the draft strategy please visit and let us know what you think.

Easy Read materials relating to the Draft Health and Wellbeing Strategy are also available from the Surrey Says website.

An Easy Read summary of the overall aims of the strategy and an Easy Read explanation of pages 16-18 of the strategy, which relates to Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) or adults with a learning disability and/or autism. Additionally there are two Easy Read survey formats: an interactive edition of the survey and a printable PDF.

If you are unable to access the Surrey Says website to obtain these Easy Read documents, then please contact the Health and Wellbeing Board:

Telephone: 0300 200 1005
Textphone via Text Relay: 18001 0300 200 1005
Text: 07527 182 861



Closed - Surrey suicide prevention strategy consultation: 2018-2021 (June to September 2018)

Surrey County Council Public Health Team is currently consulting on a new suicide prevention strategy for Surrey. This is a partnership approach to reducing suicides in Surrey. The consultation closes on 21 September 2018. The draft strategy and online consultation can be found on the SurreySays website. All views are welcome.



Closed - Your views on Surrey County Council's Draft Vision for Surrey by 2030 (June to September 2018)



Closed - Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership online resident panel: Mental Health survey (April 2018)

This survey was commissioned by the Surrey Heartlands Clinical Lead and Programme Manager for Mental Health. Its purpose was to gather the views of Surrey residents on mental health, including:

  • Their attitudes towards mental illness
  • Ways they choose to describe it
  • Their experiences of friends, family or colleagues who may have had mental health problems
  • Their views on behaviours that can promote mental health and wellbeing, and
  • Their own recent mental health

The survey was completed by 654 Surrey residents aged 16 and over, most of whom live in the Surrey Heartlands area of the county. Those participating in the Online Residents’ Panel have agreed to help Surrey County Council and the NHS design the future of local public services in the county by participating in regular surveys like this one, each on a different topic.

All 1,325 panel members were invited to take part and 654 (49%) responded. The results will help to inform the continuing work of the mental health workstream and our existing engagement.



Closed - Have your say on wheelchair services in Surrey – and help the local NHS design a new service (April 2018)



Closed - Integrated Substance Misuse Treatment Services - Changes to detoxification services (March 2018)


Closed - Survey: Healthwatch Surrey Hospital Discharge Survey (December 2016)

Healthwatch Surrey want to find out about your experiences of leaving hospital in 2016. This process is known as "hospital discharge". If you or a family member have an experience of leaving hospital this year, they would really like to hear from you. This will help them understand the quality of hospital discharge in our area, and work with local hospitals to find ways to improve future experiences.

Patient experiences of hospital discharge report, June 2017



Closed - Survey: Sexual Health Services (6 January 2016 to 31 December 2016)

Public Health want to continually improve the services we offer to Surrey residents in terms of quality, availability and access.

This survey is your opportunity to tell us what you think of our Sexual Health services and/or to reflect on your experiences as a service user. Whether it's just a comment or you have something good or bad to say.

Visit the Surrey Says website to complete the survey by 31 December 2016.



Closed - Survey: Smokefree Surrey Tobacco Control Strategy 2016-21 (7 September to 2 November 2016

The Surrey Tobacco Control Strategy 2016-21 sets out why and how we need to work together to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco in Surrey.

Surrey County Council Public Health are committed to working together with our partners including residents, to make this strategy the best it can be for our population.  Reducing the harm caused from tobacco can only be delivered by multiple partners which is why it is important to consult with as many people as possible.

Your contributions and opinions are important and valued so we would be grateful if you could take the time to complete the survey based on the strategy.

Visit the Surrey Says website to complete the survey by 2 November 2016.



Closed - Inspection: Care Quality Commission (CQC) need your views on South East Coast Ambulance Service and Moorfields Eye Hospital (May 2016)

The CQC's inspection of South East Coast Ambulance Service and Moorfields Eye Hospital begins in June. The CQC would like to know what the residents of Guildford and Waverley think about the services provided by these two services.

You can share your experiences with the CQC in confidence in the following ways:



Closed - Consultation: Adults Social Care Charging (7 April 2016 to 16 June 2016)

Under Surrey County Council’s current charging policy, many people living at home receive their support free of charge. However, some people have to pay towards services such as home care and day care and most people have to pay towards respite care. Central Government funding is reducing while the demand for services is increasing as more people need support to live at home.

Visit the Surrey Says website to provide your feedback on four different proposals by 16 June 2016.



Closed - Consultation: Adult Mental Health Promotion Service - First Steps (14 March to 4 April 2016)

Surrey County Council commissions this service. They are very interested in hearing about your opinions of their Surrey wide Mental Health Promotion service - First Steps. The service aims to help people find their way back to emotional wellbeing and offers a range of self-help resources, educational sessions, training and signposting of  people to other relevant services.

To access the survey and supporting information for members of the public, please visit the Surrey Says website.

To access the survey and supporting information for provider organisations, please visit the Surrey Says website.



Closed - Survey: Developing mental health services for veterans in England (25 January to 31 March 2016)

NHS England are asking people to share their views and experience of mental health services for veterans to help improve future care across England via an online national survey. This survey provides a chance for veterans to share their experience and views of existing mental health services and for NHS England to understand the reasons why some people have not sought or received support and treatment.

To access the survey and supporting information, please visit the NHS England consultation hub. The deadline for responses is 5pm on 31 March 2016.



Closed - Survey: Surrey's Substance Misuse Services (11 January to 28 February 2016)

Public Health Surrey want to hear your views on, and experience of, Substance Misuse Services in Surrey. The vision of Public Health Surrey is to commission a 'wrap around' Substance Misuse service, which endeavours to continually look to improve outcomes for service users in Surrey.

You can provide your feedback by visiting the Surrey Says website by 28 February 2016.



Closed - Public Engagement: Surrey Community Health Services (October and November 2015)

The NHS and Surrey County Council are planning what community health services should be available in future. We want to make sure that people's needs are at the centre of all planning and that everyone's needs are met.

There are lots of different types of community services, such as:

  • community nursing
  • adult rehabilitation and therapies
  • rapid response services to keep older people out of hospital and support them after they have left hospital
  • specialist services focusing on people with specific needs such as diabetes
  • physiotherapy
  • podiatry
  • children's services including health visitors, school nursing and services for children with complex needs
  • community dietetics

The following questions were asked:

  • What should we be thinking about when planning community services in future?
  • What works well with the current services?
  • Is there anything we should do differently?

Details about the Community Health Services review and the public engagement events held in October and November 2015 are on the North West Surrey CCG website.



Closed - Public Engagement: Surrey Stroke Services (September 2015)

Residents from across Surrey were asked to give their views on stroke services in September 2015.

The six Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Surrey are reviewing stroke services available across the county. While our doctors, nurses, therapists and others do an excellent job, national and local research shows that it might be possible to save more lives, reduce levels of disability, and improve support for patients.

Over the coming months CCGs will be working with residents, voluntary groups, and health and social care partners to develop options for what future services might look like. We are keen to hear from patients, carers and members of the public. Your feedback will help to shape our plans.

To find out more about current stroke services and the review, please visit


Page updated:5 March 2019
Next review due:27 November 2019
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